His baritone is soothing and captivating. So, it was a no-brainer that he released a love song. Nvcely Sings (Pronounced, Nas-lee Sings) has released his single, Incwadi Encane featuring coveted vocalists S’Villa and Miona. He chose to feature the two after visualising the perfect voice that would match his own. “S’Villa and I have been talking on Instagram and we always wanted to work together so after I recorded my part, I instantly thought of him,” Nvcely Sings says. 

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The song Incwadi Encane is dedicated to those in long-distance relationships of living far from their loved ones. Since moving to Johannesburg from Mpumalanga, he has been in a long-distance relationship. It’s a love story of a man longing to see his love. “Since I came to Johannesburg, I happened to be in a long-distance relationship for a long time, so I decided to make a song for people who left their families and loved ones to hustle in the city of gold or any city. I wanted to embrace that and accept the change,” Nvcely Sings says.


Why did you choose to work with S’Villa and Miona?

S’Villa was the first person I thought of after recording the chorus. I was sure that he was going to deliver. I also felt the song needed a female Zulu vocalist; I first thought of Nomfundo Moh then and Cici after seeing them do a duet on TikTok. Then Miona’s name came up, and I had previously worked with her on the song Jabula by AirBurn Sounds. 

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Describe the genre of the Incwadi Encane and its style.

The sound is Afro pop fused with Maskandi and some Amapiano elements to it. However I am a versatile artist, I can sing Gospel, RnB, and Amapiano. I chose this as it was fitting for the message in the music; warm, emotional, and would speak to many Africans. I love doing different genres because almost every sound suits my voice and I have the freedom of creativity.

When was your big break?

When I released the singe iThuba. The reception was amazing, but I knew I needed to continue working and making more music, focus, stay disciplined, and work towards the big goal, which is being intercontinental and eventually exporting the Sound overseas. 

You are often compared to Murumba Pitch member, Maeywon, does that not offend you?

I take it as a compliment. I get told sometimes that I soul like Burna Boy, at times it’s Giveon, but it’s okay. When I was younger, I drew inspiration from Burna Boy, Giveon, and many other male vocalists. There are not many male vocalists with my tone and to be compared to great artists is a kind thing to say. I take no offense at all, in fact, call them, so we can make a song together. 

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Who have you worked with and who do you still wish to collaborate with?

I have worked with MLindo The Vocalist. I collaborated with Mfana Kah Gogo on the song titled “Ilobolo” which promises to be another sensational addition to his discography. As well as AirBurn Sounds, Nomfundo Moh, DJ Obza, Prince Benza, Mapara A Jazz, Lawsheen, ShaunmusiQ, Ftears, Lucia Dottie, and Mr. Brown and I’m sure a few that I have forgotten to mention.

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