Businessman, TV personality, and Philanthropist Themba “Skeem GP” Lukhele Nzimande is set to donate sanitary towels to learners at Greenfield Secondary School and Fumana High School in Katlehong

He is the host of the crime show Most Wanted on Moja LOVE where he with the help of the police, finds and arrests criminals on the run. He too, was once that man and understands. But as a changed man, after serving an eight-year sentence, Themba ‘SkeemGP’ Lukhele Nzimande is all about giving back to the community that shaped him. 

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On Monday, 22 April 2024, Skeem GP through his foundation will be embarking on one of their many school visits along with some celebrity friends and handing out ‘dignity packs’ to learners at Greenfield Secondary School and Fumana High School in Katlehong.“Giving back to others and sharing one’s blessings opens room for more. Kindness and compassion enrich both the giver and receiver,” Skeem GP says. “Through this, we are making sure learners focus on what is important – education, restoring their dignity, and allowing them to be children,” he adds. During the handing out of the ‘dignity packs’, Skeem GP will also get a chance to share his journey with the learners and motivate them towards planning for a better future. “We have decided to distribute more than 250 sanitary pads to two schools in our community. We understand that young girls often have to miss school due to menstrual cycles, which is why we feel compelled to act.”

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He is normally invited to schools to come and give motivational talks. “I am usually asked to come and speak, share my life’s journey, and encourage and motivate the learners. Through this, we have identified that there was a greater need than just talking, but donating stationery, uniforms, and this time, sanitary towels and toiletries.” He also adopted the high school which he attended. “We have adopted Fumana High School, as it is the school that I attended many moons back and I feel strongly about starting at home. 

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