She was looking forward to going in the ring at the Studex Celebrity Boxing tournament. She had quit drinking alcohol for a few weeks, changed her eating plan, and had been training hard in the ring. But influencer Inno Morolong was cancelled by the organisers and her contender Ashleigh Ogle fought champion Cassandra Le Roux.


Ashleigh won the fight, but according to sources, Morolong is devastated about not being a part of the fight. A source reveals that she was cancelled after a series of posts by retired supermodel Babalwa Mneno who questioned why the Nelson Mandela Foundation would associate themselves with an alleged bully. “Nobody should waste their hard-earned money to go watch that boxing match. Ashleigh has already lost the fight because Inno gave Tumelo Ramaphosa the main promoter a girlfriend. Duhh! Babalwa said, referring to Eva Modika who is rumoured to be dating the president’s son and organiser. “Let’s hypothetically assume the couple wasn’t introduced by Velaphi (Inno), the fact remains the fight will be biased against Ashleigh because Velaphi is best friends with Tumelo’s girlfriend, simple,” she added. “This fight will never be fair on any opponent of Velaphi (Inno) If it’s handled by Buffalo’s son. They really think we don’t know this is a way to fund the broke lady. Also, how is the Nelson Mandela Foundation involved or associated with people who bully people? Isn’t that what he stood against?” Babalwa went to say.


This according to the sources put the organiser and founder of Studex Meat, The Nelson Mandela Foundation, and the International Boxing Association under pressure to cancel Inno. “It was wrong. You can’t cancel the girl a day before the event because of rumours.” It was alleged that the night before she was cancelled, Inno was arrested. “For what? She already has a pending case with Tebogo Thobejane. I don’t know who made up the arrest rumours,” the source told Buzz Life News.

Ramaphosa has since sent out a vague statement about dumping Inno. “On behalf of Studex Celebrity Boxing, We would like to confirm on record that influencer and YouTuber, Inno Morolong will no longer be participating in the celebrity boxing match taking place at the Durban ICC on 21 April. This is due to unforeseen circumstances. Ashleigh Ogle will continue to go against Cassandra Le Roux. We wish Ms Morolong all the best, and we hope to work with her in the near future,” the statement read. Inno Morolong axed from a boxing match and Ashleigh Ogle wins against a new contender. When called for comment, Inno said she was home in Free State recovering from a leg injury. “I hurt myself during work out and have been home.”

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