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She is flamboyant, flashy and portrays wealth. But, behind the opulence, many have questioned where the “never-ending” wealth comes from. Reality TV star and businesswoman Shauwn “Mamkhize” Mkhize is put on the hot seat by the investigative show Carte Blanche to answer allegations of fraud, and corruption which have allegedly been the reason for her family’s wealth.

She is questioned about an alleged criminal past while she was still married to traffic cop, Sbu Mpisane. “You were found guilty of fraud,” Carte Blanche journalist Govan Whittles asks Mamkhize, referring to a 2005 conviction for VAT fraud. “But it can’t be me because that wasn’t me… it’s the company,” she responds. The full episode will air on 21 April.

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In 2013, MaMkhize was arrested on charges of fraud and forgery after allegedly being awarded over R140m worth of government tenders through her company, Zikhulise Cleaning, Maintenance, and Transport, after supplying false information to the Construction Industry Development Board. The tenders were made for several low-cost housing projects over the years. The charges were later dropped after the state failed to provide a forensic report.

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In another case, MaMkhize was facing 119 counts of tax fraud valued at up to R5 million for submitting fake invoices. She later blamed the oversight on her bookkeeper, Kishal Reddy, who pleaded guilty while she pleaded not guilty.

Reports also stated that Mamkhize was also charged with corruption for allegedly trying to persuade a state witness in one of her tax fraud cases to tamper with evidence. All charges were later withdrawn. Despite her charges and previous conviction, another report states that MaMkhize received over R1 billion over the years in government tenders.

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