Reality TV Star Inno Morolong Claims She’s Under Spiritual Attack Ahead of Boxing Match Against Ashleigh Ogle

Johannesburg, South Africa – Reality TV star and self-proclaimed slay queen, Innocentia “Inno” Morolong, has announced that she is physically and mentally ready to take on Ashleigh Ogle, the ex-girlfriend of rapper Da LES, in a highly anticipated boxing match.

Morolong has been training twice a day for the upcoming match, which will take place at the inaugural Mandela African Boxing Cup, hosted by Tumelo Ramaphosa, the son of South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. The tournament, organized by the Mandela Foundation and the International Boxing Association, will be held at the International Convention Centre in Durban on April 21.

Despite the challenges she has faced in her training, including the suspension of her Instagram account and other personal issues, Morolong is confident in her ability to win the match.

“So much has happened in my life since the match was announced. My Instagram account was suspended and I also had to deal with some personal issues that I don’t want to share at the moment. I feel like all of this is a spiritual attack,” she said.

She added that despite all this she has been putting in a lot of effort every day to prepare for this fight.

“I am fully prepared to display to the world what I am capable of. I want to demonstrate to everyone that I am not just a delicate and fashionable woman, but also a strong woman with remarkable physical strength.”

The match between Morolong and Ogle has been highly anticipated, with many fans eager to see the two women face off in the ring.

Tickets for the Mandela African Boxing Cup are on sale now, and fans are encouraged to purchase them early to avoid missing out on what promises to be a thrilling tournament.

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