He raised eyebrows when he first wore a tight vest and palazzo pants. Many people on social media criticized him and called him “gay.” In his music, rapper Maglera Doe Boy, real name Tokelo Moyakhe has often rapped about brotherhood and friendships. In a series of images, he shared on social media this morning showing high levels of affection for male individuals. He has since received much criticism.

Of course, social media has come down on him like a ton of bricks, labelling him homosexual. “So Maglera doe boy is gay vele?” asked Mr Somnyama. “You guys have been saying Maglera seems gay and now he’s proving y’all then there’s something else,” said another.

Maglera has since cleared the air on the images, particularly one of him standing next to a friend. “What you are looking at is an auti who is secure about his masculinity so much he is not scared to embrace the people who love him,” he said. “This image above your tweet is my friend Slash. He was my friend since we were in primary school. He was a gangster and they shot him 7 times two weeks ago. Is it also uncomfortable that I held his hand in the last image I took with him?”

He went on to say, “Those fathers and big brothers who didn’t show love to their sons and little brothers always have the saddest ends to their lives when they need it because they were trying to be tough all the time.,” he added. “They don’t even know how to tell family they love them. Nna hake tsabe ho rata bagotsi Baka le ma laaitie aka. Le pela bohloko mauti.”

While others criticised him, he also received a lot of compliments. “So many people haven’t been shown love in an intimate way causing them to speak nonsense when seeing someone embrace their loved ones and showing love,” Nkensani Mhlongo said. “You’re my fav rapper!! The realest rapper I’ve ever seen in SA!.. Money didn’t change you, you are still with your Day ones,” said another fan. “The comments here and on Insta coming from men are so disappointing and disheartening. The first thing that came to their minds was Maglera is gay?! But not that he actually loves his homies openly and freely?! Yall only experience love from women? Where’s the ‘bromance’?” Capzzi.

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