Entertainer and artist manager Skhothane Sa Pitori got slapped over the weekend by controversial Limpopo singer and ex-con Shebeshxt while attending an event at Propaganda nightclub in Tshwane.

On 13 April, Shebeshxt hosted his birthday celebration at Propaganda nightclub in Tshwane. What was meant to be memorable night of celebration for his fans turned out to be a horrific and violent night for Skothane Sa Pitori real name Thabang Rataga as he was assaulted by Shebeshxt.

According to a spectator present on the night, Shebeshxt allegedly punched him in the face first before splashing him with alcohol on the face. Skothane Sa Pitori tells Buzz Life News this resulted in scarring and bruising. “My eyes were hurt by the alcohol, and I have a cut on my ear.” Skothane Sa Pitori tried to speak to the Ambulance singer to resolve things but he got more violent and slapped him.

Both Shebeshxt, real name Lebogang Chauke and Skhothane were thrown out of the nightclub by bouncers to resolve their issues, but instead of talking, Shebeshxt allegedly pulled out a gun and started threatening to kill Skhothane while he was swearing at him with very offensive vulgar directed at his mother. “Shebeshxt pointed at me with a gun in the parking when I approached him to talk and make peace. He threatened me with a gun!” he exclaims.

Last week, Skhothane Sa Pitori visited a podcast where he exposed that Shebeshxt is wanted by authorities in Botswana for failing to pitch for a gig. He also implied that Shebeshxt had stollen money from entertainer, Skomota. “I’m assuming that is why he got a slap,” a source says. “You can’t talk nonsense about the guy, and then attend his party. That’s provocation.”

Skhothane Sa Pitori says he knows Shebeshxt has a “hot temper” and when he splashed him with alcohol at first, he chose to ignore him. But later realised that the situation had escalated when he was attacked while taking pictures with his fan. “I chose to ignore me, and he attacked me while I was staking pictures with my fans,” he adds. 

After the night was cut short, Skhothane Sa Pitori drove to the nearest Pretoria Police station and opened a case. “I opened a case of assault, intimidation, and public display of a firearm with intention to harm against. Police are looking for him.” Shebeshxt’s manager and wife, Kholofelo Chuene hung up the phone when hearing what the call was about. Awaiting comment from the police.


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