Multi-talented choreographer and rapper Delta Chosi known as Delta the Leo announced that she recently underwent a breast reduction.

Delta shared the journey from preparing for the surgery until the successful procedure was complete. Thanking her fans and friends for the kind recovery messages, Delta said she has had people sending her Direct Messages on social media wishing her well. “People in my DM saying they have been wanting to do a boob reduction but do not know how to go about it,” she said. “Yes, it’s not a cheap procedure but you can save up for it especially if it’s something you really want. I will be sharing my journey on YouTube to help those who are still battling to find a home in their bodies.”

She said her boons were in the way of her career. “I love my boobs but with where my career is headed, they are in the way and I needed this weight to go, so I can achieve my dreams,” she added. “A special thank you to the doctors and nurses who made me relax before and after surgery and most importantly my love. You had me laughing and giggling like this was but a major deal I’ve been waiting for my whole life. My partner for being calm and being with me every step of the way.” She added, “ As much as I’m in pain looking at my chest I’m giggling and smiling. I wish anyone who has boobs bothering them can get the courage to get help and get the body they wish for. Thank you friends and family for your kind messages and words of comfort.”

The Limpopo-born star grew up in Alexandra Township. Much like her personal style, she is not afraid to push the envelope in her creative work. She has collaborated with various artists and producers, from Kenya’s Wangechi and Kevin Provoke, US musician Nyelle Thebes to South Africa’s Gino Brown, the Deceptikonz, and Hip Hop pioneer HHP, specialising in various genres from Hip Hop, Trap, R’n’B, Dancehall and more recently Sepedi Gqom. As a multi-award winning and self-taught dancer, Delta has choreographed and performed for some of South Africa’s biggest legends, including Black Coffee, Thembi Seete, and Heavy K. She has graced the stages of Big Brother Africa, Converse, Nike/Jordan Kids, the FIFA World Cup and Confederations Cup as a performer and choreographer. Her experience as a Director has steadily grown, culminating in the release of her latest music video, Physically Fit, (featuring Nelz & DeekayDidit), in celebration of Pride Month.

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