In 2022, he completed his first degree, a BA in public management and governance at the University of Joburg. Now, Xitsonga singer, Benny Mayengane (44) does it again and graduates with an honours degree in public management in governance from the University of Johannesburg.

The Swingwiringwiri singer tells Buzz Life News that it was tough, but he made it. “I believe strongly in education,” he says. “No matter how tough it is, it opens your eyes to the world over.”

Being the eldest in his classes, Benny matriculated in the 1990’s and had always wanted to pursue further education. “I wanted to break generational curses,” he says. “I used money which I made from music to fund my education and will not stop investing in myself.”

Mayengane has since started his own political organisation, Action Alliance Development Party (AADP), whose mission is to completely eradicate poverty, unemployment, and economic inequality in South Africa. “I want to make a change. Music is a passion and so is helping people.”

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