After months of fierce competition and electrifying cyphers, Red Bull BC One South Africa has crowned its national winners. The victors, chosen from a pool of exceptional b-boys and b-girls, showed unrivalled skills, inventiveness, and commitment to their trade. The national finals, held on March 23 in Johannesburg, Braamfontein, marked the end of this trip, with the champions going to represent SA at the world finals later this year. 

In an exciting fight, b-boy Toufeeq from Cape Town emerged as the b-boy champion, defeating b-boy Shady in the final round. With a faultless demonstration of power moves, footwork, and flair, b-boy Toufeeq cemented his place as the greatest in the country.

“Standing in the spotlight, amidst victory’s rhythm, I’m humbled by the journey that brought me here. Each step, each beat, speaks of dedication and passion. As the Red Bull BC One 2024 champion, I’m reminded: with persistence and belief, even the impossible becomes a dance of triumph.” 

Similarly, Courtnaé Paul, from Johannesburg won the title of b-girl champion after an outstanding performance against b-girlKeisha in the final battle. B-girl Courtnaé Paul captivated the crowd and the judges with her outstanding skills, exhibiting mastery in all aspects of breaking. 

“I’m happy with the win; all I wanted to do was go out there and have fun. I missed being on the Red Bull BC One stage, and whether I won or lost, all I wanted was to have fun. Being the b-girl winner was a cherry on top for me, especially since my previous win in 2021. I believe that this win will have a positive ripple effect for the rest of the year.” 

Both champions will now carry the South African flag to the global stage, travelling to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to represent the country at the Red Bull BC One World Final on December 7th. Their journey from cyphers to national finals illustrates the breaking community’s endurance, enthusiasm, and determination. 

The night was a celebration of hip-hop culture touching on the four pillars of hip-hop – MCing, DJing, Graffiti, and Breaking. Not only was there an open floor hip-hop battle, but Olympia qualifier and international breaker, b-boy Phil Wizard, took on Africa’s Best b-boys made up of b-boy Benny, b-boy Meaty and b-boy Curse in an exhibition battle that left the crowd in awe. Tha Cutt and DJ Les D kept the crowd and the breakers on their feet with the freshest of beats, while performances by some of SA’s top hip-hop artists; Maglera Doe Boy, A-Reece, and Priddy Uglyas well as graffiti battles featuring top local graffiti artists enhanced the experience for both participants and spectators.  

As Red Bull BC One celebrates 20years this year, breaking will also be making its debut at this year’s Olympic games in Paris. These milestones will continue to inspire generations of b-boys and b-girls across the globe to push the frontiers of breaking culture.  

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