Riky Rick Foundation for the Promotion of Artivism, in partnership with One Groove, Nirox, and AUTOR, proudly announces the upcoming Ama Groove Songwriting Camp –Setting the stage for an unforgettable songwriting journey in Cradle of Humankind, Joburg.

From April 6th to 13th, 2024, this cross-cultural initiative will unite 14 exceptionally talented music creators, split evenly between South African and Danish residents. The camp is designed to foster collaboration and creativity, focusing on mental health, cultural awareness, and artistic interpretation within the realm of music production. By bringing together talent from different corners of the globe, the collaboration seeks to break down barriers, foster understanding, and celebrate the universal language of music.

Participants will immerse themselves in the inspiring environment of Nirox, renowned for its scenic beauty and conducive atmosphere for creative exploration. Over seven days, these music creators will engage in collaborative songwriting sessions, workshops, and networking events to enhance their skills and expand their artistic horizons.

A Vibrant Blend of Artists From a Talent-Rich Pool

Within a fiercely competitive applicant pool, curators Muniye, AusTebza, and Elu Eboka selected the artists based on their talent and solid profiles. Their discerning choices reflect not only skill but also passion, commitment, and self-resourcefulness, resulting in a dynamic mix of individuals with unique and shared artistic qualities. Appointed by Riky Rick Foundation and NIROX, the curator team ensured inclusion and representation throughout the selection process -resulting in a dynamic mix of artists from diverse gender identities and musical genres, fostering a vibrant and inclusive artistic community.

Camp Exploration Insights

The 14 artists, including producers, songwriters, top-liners, and vocalists, each bring their unique expertise to the camp. Through collaborative efforts, they will strive to create potential global breakthroughs, foster meaningful relationships, and build an inclusive professional network. In addition to ample collaborative writing sessions, the intensive program will include attending CottonFest Joburg, masterclasses and panel talks, culminating in a final listening session with industry professionals.

Driving Positive Change Through Art and Collaboration

Co-director of Riky Rick Foundation and wife to the late Riky Rikhado shares:

“Ama Groove Songwriting Camp, which links beautifully with the 2024 instalment of Cotton Fest Joburg, is yet another form of promoting the unearthed talent that our country has bred. It also gives us great pleasure to facilitate these safe spaces of connection and creation – something that Riky was incredibly passionate about. We welcome the participants from Denmark to Johannesburg, South Africa and wish them and our local producers a fruitful and inspired time during the Songwriting Camp.”

Rasmus Allin, Co-founder of One Groove, adds,

“At One Groove, we see music as a powerful force for change. Our work towards fostering a more inclusive and equitable music industry resonates deeply with the ethos of the late Riky Rick and the Riky Rick Foundation. This shared vision has led to the collaboration and establishment of the Ama Groove Songwriting Camp. An initiative that provides a safe space and a nurturing environment where music creators from Denmark and South Africa can converge, collaborate, and craft music that authentically captures their individuality and cultural essence.”

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