The super-talented South African singer/songwriter and producer, Motlanalo Rammalo, has already started the year with a bang by pouring her heart and soul on her latest musical release titled ‘Goya Goile’.

The multi-award winning queen has a strong message to deliver to all lovers across the world. The gorgeous songstress with a sultry voice to match is set to ignite sparks this year and forever with the catchy melodic single which is inspired by romance.

“The song is a continuation of my hit song Rato Laka which embraces love, so I see everyone trying to discourage people to be in love with the fear of not wanting to be heartbroken. So the song says I’m taking the trust to love you because my feelings are stronger than fear. Goya Goile means please love me forever” Motlanalo explains.

Motlanalo is a multi award winning artist who is loved for embracing her Sepedi language as she effortlessly delivers captivating vocals using her mother tongue, a trait that has made her one of the most booked artists in the Limpopo province. She has previously released hit songs such as “Rato Laka” as well as the emotion stirring tune “Mmahlabirwa” which is a special dedication to her grandmother.

Speaking on her creative process, Motlanalo says; “I do not physically sing to something that has been scripted already, rather I create a melody in my head to inspire the creation of the beat depending on the mood of the song”.

Motlanalo has only been in the music industry officially for about four years now but she has already hosted her own sold out shows, she has won numerous awards and she is one of the most booked artist’s in South Africa.

A dream delayed is not a dream denied, Motlanalo has always had a dream of being a star but she couldn’t pursue a musical career due to unforeseen circumstances but she is finally ready to follow her calling.

“I have always known that I’m a great singer from a young age, I could honestly stop everything to sing. I knew that one day I will have to follow this gift and calling to heal the world through my spiritual melodies. Eventually it had to happen; I was not leaving this world without sharing my gift” Motlanalo concludes.

Motlanalo Rammalo plans on releasing more music in 2024 as well as touring the country and the rest of the continent.

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