Celebrity businesswoman, healer and transgender activist, Tyra “Gogo Manzini” Sindane has made a name for herself in South African show business. Aside from the philanthropic work, and celebrity status, she recently launched KOS Casting Agency, a boutique agency for actors, models, voiceovers, TV presenters, and models. 

Show business and the creative arts industry play a major role in the economy of South Africa. However, many actors and entertainers have become vulnerable to exploitation as their legal status is unclear. As freelancers rather than employees, actors are explicitly denied any form of protection under labour law. That would include a right to collective bargaining. South African actors are lagging behind the rest of the continent when it comes to the recognition of our rights. 

This comes after Tyra experienced exploitation from an agency while growing up in Secunda. “I signed up for an agency that only embezzled money from its talent. We were paying fees every month for work that we never saw, and I decided the exploitation of talent needed to end.”

Tyra’s husband, Brian Sibande, a highly established actor also went through his fair share of exploitation where he was promised the moon by agency owners. “They promised to put him on TV shows. But hardly received any training, grooming, or preparation from the agency. There was no preparation for the fame that was to come, and he and I decided to put our heads together to try and change that.”

Tyra says through the agency she also wants to promote diversity and inclusivity in the entertainment industry. “We believe that everyone deserves a chance to showcase their talent, regardless of their background or identity. As such, our team of experienced casting directors works tirelessly to identify and represent a diverse roster of talented individuals. “Tyra says. 

“We aim to curb the exploitation of talent and provide talented individuals with the resources and the support they need to succeed in the entertainment industry. We are passionate about discovering fresh and talented individuals and connecting them with industry professionals to create compelling and engaging productions for TV, radio, and other media.”

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