Award-winning singer and reality TV star Zeze Kingston, real name Robert Ching’amba Junior has been in South Africa on tour for about two weeks and to collaborate with some local stars.

In a few days in South Africa, Zeze has recorded a song with Makhadzi, Heavy K, and another song with XDuppy, PH Raw X, and will be doing his final track with producer AirBurn Sounds and singer Dinky Kunene.  He describes his style of music as African Melodic with great influence from amapiano.

He began his music career began in his teen years. The word Zeze – means ‘the harp’ in Chichewa. The harp is a string instrument. Zeze was given the name by his grandmother who was a pastor at a 7th-Day Adventist when she spotted his talent from a very young age. “I used to sing in the church choir, but I didn’t last very long because I was impatient when people took longer to get the notes correctly or to perfect a song,” Zeze chuckles. “But I have since grown and understood that things take time. My grandmother saw my talent and gave me that name.”

Coming back to South Africa as a successful artist and working with Makhadzi is humbling. “South Africa is home to me. I first came here in 2018 and tried to push my music and work with people. But things were not growing well for me. It was in 2022 when I left and went back to Malawi, and played around with the amapiano sound that my career really took off,” he said, “So, my success is really because of the authentic amapiano sound which I learned here in South Africa. So, I owe a lot of my success to this country and the influence it had on my sound. I am now the biggest artist in Malawi, I won every award I’ve been nominated for. I have a reality show with my fiancé, and I plan to do more.”He describes being in the studio with Makhadzi as a dream come true. “First of all, the opportunity was amazing. There is not a single person who does not want to be in the same studio as Makhadzi and a track produced by Heavy K. For me, that was magic. It flowed. We recorded the song in a few hours and we really were in sync,” he said. “The chemistry was unmatched, her vocals and mine just worked so well together. We have a very similar sound and mixing that with Heavy Ks’ style with a touch of Amapiano was magic.” He still wishe sto work with more artists from the counrty. “I will make sure it happens. But I also want to go to Mozambique, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania and collaborate with other artists on the continent.”

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