She has been longing to have a child. For a few years, she has been trying. TV and radio personality Lerato Kganyago has opened up about her recent miscarriage being the reason behind her silence on social media during the month of love. “Pardon my silence. This was the most happiest but became painful part of this month of love,” she said.

Lerato shared a picture of a pregnancy scan with the ‘Heaven couldn’t wait for you’ soundtrack by Beyonce. “On the 12th is when my incredible gynae broke the news. I am much better than last week, my parents have been next to me and carried me. Thank you for checking on me,” she added.

Lerato is usually very private about her life, but has always spoken up about wanting to have a chid and her battle with conceiving. This is not the first time Lerato is having a mmiscarriage. A few years ago the Metro FM DJ got candid about her devastation at losing yet another baby. “I was pregnant. I’m sure you guys saw that I was really big … then I had a miscarriage. Yes, I had a miscarriage this year again, it was my fourth miscarriage,” she revealed. said she was over 12 weeks pregnant when she lost her child. “I think I was three-four months pregnant but unfortunately, I lost my baba … life goes on. This is something that I didn’t want to discuss but since we’re having [an] honesty night … I was looking forward to this pregnancy, I thought this time around that I had made it through because I had been trying so hard for a while,” Lerato said.

She added that’s she went back to work a week after her miscarriage because she got a new radio show. “I lost the baby a week after I got the show, and I had to come back because it was a brand-new show and I didn’t want to drop the ball because this was something I always wanted,” she spoke. “It was so funny because Dineo and I were pregnant at the same time and this is when we were still doing The Bridge … she was just a few months ahead of me … I was hopeful the baby was going to make it through.” 

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