Barely a year since his blow up. Popular musician Katlego Letlhogonolo Chauke, also known as Shebeshxt, has had death threat upon his life, sangoma’s telling him he will not make it. Now the controversial reformed convict has been involved in was involved in a car accident in Polokwane next to Goseame.

Although his car is said to be a complete write-off by a friend present at the scene but Shebeshxt who was driving alone escaped unscathed.

Shebeshxt rcently wrote a post on his Instagram account saying people were hired to kill him: “They hired people to kill me. Pray for me.” He went on to says, “I was taken to a place. This place is in the Vaal. It looks like Sweet Pops lifestyle, I don’t know if there are people who know Sweet Pops Lifestyle. So you were in one of the sections with Mkhulu. But within the sections you were creating a barrier … And the barrier you are creating had light in the middle.”

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