The fourth season of Big Brother Mzansi: S’ya Mosha stormed into action on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161) last night (Sunday, 21 January). And from the first episode of the show, it was game on, with Biggie adding a twist to the housemates’ count – a trio of Disruptors!

But before the surprise announcement, to get the show off to an electric start was DJ and producer Tyler ICU ft, Leemackrazy & Khaul Anderson with a DJ Set/Mix which included the hit song Mnike. Kamo Mphela kicked it up a notch when she took to the stage with her dance crew to perform yet another fan favourite, Dalie, ushering in show host Lawrence Maleka.

First up was a look at the brand-new house and this year Biggie made sure the house is a kaleidoscope of colour, spacious, resembling a fun haven for the housemates with some décor elements provided by the show’s headline sponsor Lotto Star. A large lounge, garden, deck, Jacuzzi, spacious kitchen, bathroom, storeroom and of course, a cosy diary room for Biggie’s moments with the housemates.

Then it was time for the big reveal…the Big Brother Mzansi Season 4 Housemates! Lawrence wasted no time in introducing the first housemate and that was Makhekhe, a self-confessed ‘ladies’ man’ who came in already hyped, ready for ‘ukumosha’.  

Next up was Bravo B, insizwa yaKwaNongoma, who walked in spotting his traditional headpiece and prompting Lawrence to say: “Nawu umshado mantombazane”! BravoB says he is looking forward to grabbing that R2million prize since he fears being poor forever.Sinaye from the Eastern Cape was the third housemate to walk out and his strategy for the game is ‘to be the best version of himself that he could ever be”. Next was Mcjunior who says the best person who knows him is his girlfriend and has a bad case of tropophobia.

Viewers at home were also not left out with Lawrence reading some of the social media posts from fans who commented on the house décor, with one calling it a ‘’Nice Upgration” and others already mentioning some housemates as faves on the BBMzansi hashtag.

While the four gents were getting acquainted in the house, it was time for Lawrence to introduce the first queen, Yolanda. The model and insurance broker speaks seven languages and was a welcome infusion of ‘womandla’ in the house. Mpumi, ngwanyana wakoPitori was the second female housemate to be welcomed and promised nothing but entertainment because she was born to be a star.

“After God, fear Xhosa men”, said the next housemate, Pale, looking prim in blue and revealed that she had told friends she was going on a work trip, but “Surprise!”. Next was Mali. Her name says it all! She is all about securing the bag and said as much as she loves money, if she wins the R2mil grand prize, the first person she will spoil is her mother.

After the break, Lawrencce reminded viewers that Biggie already had a twist up his sleeve for the housemates, and while the audience waited in anticipation for that, he introduced the next performers, ezeAfro! From the house of Afrotainment perfoming Babekhethiwe was Dladla Mshunqisi featuring Siboniso accompanied by DJ Tira.

Then it was back to introducing the ninth housemate, Willy who said he wants to be seen from all angles in the house. Smooth talker, Jareed was next to grace the stage who and seemed to be a fan favourite, prompting Lawrence to ask “Udume ngani wathandwa kangaka?” with Jareed responding: “It’s the look, I put it on!”

The eleventh housemate was Young Pappi, the ‘Hispanic lady killer’, a content creator who is looking to make his mark on BBM with his wit and drama. Next up was Liema, a waitress, podcaster and singer who strutted her way to the stage and admitted being ‘nervous’. Host Lawrence prompted her to sing for the audience and she did, revealing that she, indeed, can hold a note. 

With the show being all about the unexpected twists and turns, Lawrence urged viewers to tune in to channel 198 after the launch show for Biggie’s immunity surprise. 

Back on stage Lawrence continued to introduce the next housemate, loud and talkative Mich, who was ready for ‘ukumosha’. He was followed by Sammy M who said her strategy for the game is to observe and take advantage of other housemates’ weaknesses. Living her life like it’s golden was Meelay, who said she was ‘bringing drama, sass and everything nice’ to the house. 

Self-confessed neat freak, Zee was the next housemate to be introduced who was more excited than nervous to meet the other housemates. Next was Chuenzaa, who said if they won the grand prize they would take their mother, sister and BBM host Lawrence to the city of love, Paris!

It was giving ‘here comes the bride’ when next housemate Lerato walked out on stage in a wedding ensemble, getting the studio audience to sing wedding songs. Her outfit said it all…provocative, disruptive and full of drama.

Artist, musician and model Papaghost in his white lace pants, was next and promised to deliver loads of energy all day everyday. Els made the number of housemates twenty and said he is looking for a tall gent, with a great smile and a great face. 

Then came the long-awaited twist announcement…Lawrence introduced the ‘Disruptors’, Neo, Taki and Fahima, making it 23 housemates going into the BBM house. However, the other housemates are not aware that the trio will cause a stir, bring chaos and definitely bring the term S’ya Mosha to life! Tune in to see what undercover assignments Biggie has given them. 

Make a date with Biggie by tuning in to Big Brother Mzansi: S’ya Mosha 24/7 live screening on DStv channel 198 and for all the live shows on Mzansi Magic DStv channel 161. For more info, check out . The show is produced for Mzansi Magic by Red Pepper Pictures and Sponsored by Lotto Star. (***LottoStar is Licensed by the Mpumalanga Economic Regulator. No U18. National Responsible Gambling Programme 0800 006 008. Ts & Cs apply. All games are fixed-odds betting events.)

Viewers can vote for their favourite Housemates to remain in the game AND send messages directly to the show’s live TV feed, or share their thoughts on any of the show’s highly active social media platforms:

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Housemates’ Profiles

Quotes based on the following questions:

• How do you move in relationships?

• What does S’ya Mosha mean to you?

• How are you a disruptor?


Name: Tshepo Tau – MAKHEKHE

Age: 27

Hometown: Katlehong 

Occupation: Unemployed

In relationships, I move with stina ke bosso.

S’ya Mosha means to me, being yourself, you having fun inside the house and you showcasing Mzansi who you are. That’s S’ya Mosha, in my words.

Because of it will bring out the vibe. It will cause all the drama, because of the entertainment.


Name: Chuene Kaapu – CHUENZAA

Age: 24

Hometown: Alberton (Originally from Limpopo)

Occupation: Marketing Manager

So, I’m a lover. I am very big on love and affection. One of my love languages is definitely physical touch, gifting as well. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive thing. Even if it’s a sweet that you saw and you thought of me, that’s cute. Just being thoughtful. 

S’ya Mosha actually represents what I stand for; Disrupting the status quo and just infiltrating spaces and I feel like S’ya Mosha is giving something like that. I don’t know if Big Brother has the same sentiments that I do, but I feel like S’ya Mosha means we are disrupting and coming for everything. 

I am a disruptor because I always challenge the status quo. I look at things and think “I’m not going to take it as it is”, well most of the time. I’m going to challenge it, make it my own and make it fly while also destructing.  


Name: Lindokuhle Nsele – BRAVO B

Age: 26

Hometown: Durban (Originally from Kwa Nongoma) – KwaZulu Natal

Occupation: Food Vendor

I kiss them all because ngiyindoda yomZulu (I’m a Zulu man), I believe [in] esthenjeni (polygamy), so I need to test and test and test until I find the right one.  

S’ya Mosha means siya phihliza (we are demolishing).  

Because I’m a Zulu man with plenty of power with a lot to share about where I come from.   


Name: Muthusiemang Bika – YOUNG PAPPI

Age: 22

Hometown: Kimberly – Free State

Occupation:  Student / Entrepreneur

How I move in relationships is one forever yena. I’d say [that] for now because I believe, I’m in a relationship so I believe I won’t do anything.

S’ya Mosha according to my understanding means we’re creating chaos. It’s busy, it’s everything. It’s one, two, three. It’s drama, its violence, it’s kisses, it’s smashing, it’s everything.

I’m a disruptor because I’m going to create chaos in that house. I’m going to make sure that everyone must feel my presence. And they must feel gore ja Young Pappi is in charge. I’m in charge here.


Name: Sabelo Ncube – PAPAGHOST

Age: 36

Hometown: Johannesburg (Gauteng)

Occupation: Music Producer

How I move in relationships is I am usually very giving, very attentive. I am the most loving, most overbearing partner you will ever have.

S’ya Mosha is just exciting. It just feels like anything can happen. Mabathi S’ya Mosha like,anything can happen.


Name: Mishack Mazibuko – MICH

Age: 23

Hometown: Midrand (Originally from Mpumalanga)

Occupation: Student / Content Creator

Yoh! I am the problem, but I have a very beautiful love language. I give one of the best loves. I mean, everyone that gets in my way, they get to fall in love with me.

S’ya Mosha means to me asambe! It means vibe, man. It means ja, okay, we are in. We are here. Sifikile. Singenile. The people, the vibe, the youth, it’s our time. It’s my time, personally. So yeah, to me it means s’mosha kwasani. 

I believe I am a disruptor because I believe I am always right. I believe I give good advice. So if you are not cool with that, it means you have a problem with me.


Name: Mcjunior Zondi – MCJUNIOR

Age: 25

Hometown: Durban – KwaZulu-Natal

Occupation: Aspiring Writer / Creative

For me, I am definitely the loyal type, definitely one girl, hold you down. I move loyal. I move exclusive. I mean, if it’s yours and you want to share it, but if it’s mine, na. Loyalty!  

S’ya Mosha means it’s going down. Within the realm of the rules but everything goes, and we are doing everything. The Saturday night parties are going to be lit, the tasks are going to be bigger and everything is going to be better. We are doing it all, S’ya Mosha. 

I am disruptor because I manipulate all the way, all the time. That’s what makes me the absolute disruptor.  


Name: Sinaye Kotobe – SINAYE

Age: 24

Hometown: Qonce – Eastern Cape

Occupation: Self Employed

The way I move in relationships is forever yena because I am in a three-year long-term relationship.   

S’ya Mosha means have fun, be creative, and be authentic.  

A disruptor never backs down from a challenge.  


Name: Wilfred Thathane -WILLY

Age: 24

Hometown: Garankuwa – Gauteng

Occupation: Intern

The way I move in relationships is forever, I am a sweetheart.

S’ya Mosha means senya ke tla patela.

I always choose violence.


Name: Mfanele Nduku – JAREED

Age: 24

Hometown: Pretoria (Originally from Johannesburg) – Gauteng

Occupation: Structural / Mechanical Designer

Kiss them all, tell none. Simply because I’m an honourable man and I keep my business. Hopefully they do too.

Like my mesh tops, S’ya Mosha just means it’s a messy situation. So all we do is make a mess of situations inside the house, and starting up some things.

A disruptor never settles. You never press stop. You’re always finding some way to always keep pushing and keep pressing.


Name: Takalani Muthige – TAKI

Age: 27

Hometown: Johannesburg (Originally from Limpopo / KZN ) – Gauteng

Occupation: Entertainer

I am basically a lover boy. Think of Take Care Drake. You know, very emotional, very “I want you and nobody else” type of space, type of vibe, type of energy. That is how I am. I got a lot of love to give. I love, so that’s how I move in relationships.

S’ya Mosha means havoc, messiness, armageddon, chaos, everything and anything that is chaotic, that is not in order. Hey, man, S’ya Mosha.

I am a disruptor because I like to have a lot of fun, but also within that fun I can be very, very deep. I can get to know you very well, and all your deepest, darkest secrets and I can use that against you.


Name: Harriet Mthimunye – MPUMI

Age: 23

Hometown: Johannesburg (Originally from Garankuwa) – Gauteng

Occupation: Night Club MC

One forever yena, definitely. That’s how I move in a relationship. I’m a one-man woman.

Ka S’pitori ba re rea senya, wa ntlaloganya. Ba re ra tlakantsa. Ba re re phendula dilo. Hae duma ea tsamaya. Areyeng. Ke game. Ke train, ae eme.

I’m a disruptor because I’m an all-round entertainer. I’m a very unique human being, and I believe that I was born to be a star.


Name: Lerato Modise – LERATO

Age: 30

Hometown: Johannesburg (Originally from Free State)

Occupation: Tenderpreneur

I’m very dominant in relationships. Right now, I’m learning how to be submissive. Not that I’m a cry-baby but give me attention. I like attention and take accountability. 

Chaos, it means colourful, it means umririti (whistles kasi style)

I’m calm, collected, chaotic and charismatic. Not to mention that I’m a philanthropic person at heart. I’m also my name, Lerato that’s a bit of kindness.


Name: Ichumile Nozibele – MEELAY

Age: 26

Hometown: East London – Eastern Cape

Occupation: Makeup Artist

I’m going to be a bad person if I say ‘kiss them all’. So, I can’t say that. One ‘forever yena’, I would say.

I think S’ya Mosha means drama. Out of the ordinary. Something different. Something just pizzazz. Yeah. Awesome.

I am a disruptor because I’m a ticking time bomb.


Name: Eulanda Monyai – YOLANDA

Age: 32

Hometown: Johannesburg (Originally from Limpopo)

Occupation: Sales Consultant /Model

I am a forever yena because I’m loyal and I’m very honest and I catch feelings very fast so if I’m in, I’m literally in.

I feel it means you’re breaking the rules … a little bit. And we are not going to follow everything. We are just going to live and enjoy life, you know what  I mean? I mean having a formula all the time doesn’t always work. So, we will be more ‘mosh-ing’ the whole time. I think that’s what it is.  

I am disrupter because I’m loud, very talkative, overconfident sometimes, and very confrontational.


Name: Elsie Sese – ELS

Age: 23

Hometown: Vanderbilj Park (Originally from Vaal)

Occupation: Hairdresser

I move with the flow of the relationship wherever it leads me, I will go, only if it is good for me.

It means drama, chaos, no peace, no sleep.

I am a disruptor because I got a blazing personality and I bring the heat.


Name: Palesa Motanyane – PALE

Age: 30

Hometown: Soweto – Gauteng

Occupation: Business Development Manager

One forever yena because I don’t like sharing. I won’t want to be shared as well. My person is my person and mine alone. And, when they are mine alone, it’s forever yena. But if they break my heart, then we try again and have another forever yena.

I am the last to get there, and want to be the last to leave. I want to close the door because I am still having the time of my life.  

I am a packaged deal. I am that one that you must just keep your eyes on day in [and] day out.


Name: Siphosethu Mxunyelwa – SAMMY M

Age: 22

Hometown: Johannesburg (Originally from King William’s Town)

Occupation: Goldsmith

I do not now believe in ‘shapa ka stina’ because how you get him is how they take him. So, I want a single man and I do not share. We do not share this side.

A beautiful mess, iragaraga, uchinsa. Ukungabambeki of sorts.

Hhayi andiva. Andimameli, Andiva mna!


Name: Mbali Miya – MALI

Age: 25

Hometown: Thembisa

Occupation: Bolt Driver / Club Hostess

I move faithfully.

S’ya Mosha means that we are doing the most, we are just bending the rules, taking to the top. We are not staying in one lane.

I am a disruptor because my name is Mali and I’m ngiyashoveka and I break relationships.


Name: Zinhle Mofokeng – ZEE

Age: 25

Hometown: Johannesburg (Originally from KZN +Vaal)

Occupation: Club Hostess

I’m always in like long-term relationship because I date to marry.

Danger. Maza. Everything dangerous and everything chaos.

I can be very spicy!


Name: Liyema Phantsi – LIEMA

Age: 22

Hometown: King Williams Town – Eastern Cape

Occupation: Student / Bartender

Kiss them all and tell no one or forever yena.

Being rebellious, mischievous and doing what you want to do.

Because I’m a natural flirt. A lot of people like to think I’m flirting with them so I think that will be very problematic.


Name: Alfredoh Matsingwane – FAHEEMA

Age: 26

Hometown: Pretoria

Occupation: Musician

Ka stena! I’m definitely taking your man.

Can I swear? We about to F the sh*t up!

I’m that chick, I cause trouble wherever I go.


Name: Neo Sibiya – NEO

Age: 21

Hometown: Pretoria (Originally from Mpumalanga) – Gauteng

Occupation: Content Creator / Fitness Coach

A girl doesn’t kiss and tell no shapa people with stinas. They have shapa’d me once so I know the feeling. I’m very territorial, what’s mine is mine and in this economy everyone wants to share and I don’t want to a be part of that sharing so please mark me absent.

We’re literally going after everything that we want. We’re distracting!

Because I’m bringing the vibes, I’m bringing the disruption, I’m bringing the style, I’m bringing the glitz, the glam. Listen! Everything that is positive and elegant – boss lady! That’s exactly what I’m bringing.

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