DJ Stoks is ready to make his mark on the new year by making two big moves in the next two weeks. Today he becomes the latest South African DJ to release an exclusive mix on Apple Music and on Friday the 19th of January, he’ll be gracing his listeners with a new hit titled Nguwe.

Soweto-born artist, DJ Stoks has gained recognition from not only thousands of listeners across Mzansi, but from his peers too. Having worked with megastars, Daliwonga and Kelvin Momo, he has positioned himself as one of the pioneers of the popular private school piano sound.

Now he gets the opportunity to take his sound to the world with the release of his exclusive DJ Mix on Apple Music. Users will be able to stream DJ Stoks’ hour-long mix which sees him blend a mixture of his own exclusive sounds with his favourite tracks from peers across the industry.

Speaking on the opportunity to release his mix for the first time on the platform, DJ Stoks said “What a great way to start the year, and I think I wanted it to be a great start to 2024 for the listeners too. Whether you’ve been a fan over the years or you’re hearing about me for the first time, I think this mix has something everyone can look forward to. And there’s still more coming!”

Fans will be eager to find out if they’ll get a glimpse into his upcoming single, Nguwe which is set to release a week from now. The song will be his first release of the year and is already tipped to be a hit with listeners when it comes out.

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