South African radio personality Thabiso Khambule has had an impressive career in the local entertainment industry. Today, he is the host of Jacaranda FM’s ‘Weekends With Thabiso Khambule’ every Saturday between 14:00 and 18:00 and the popular ‘SA Music Show’, which airs every Sunday between 18:00 and 22:00. On the show, Thabiso shines a spotlight at some of the incredible music coming out of the country right now – a show that has proven to be a hit with listeners.

In a bid to get to know him better, Thabiso shares some interesting titbits about himself that many may not know about him.

1) Mpumalanga is Thabiso’s favourite province in South Africa
As someone who proudly celebrates Mzansi and the beautiful country we live in, Thabiso admits proudly that he has travelled to all nine provinces around the country but that has favourite has to be Mpumalanga. Mpumalanga has a special place in my heart – it’s the most beautiful for me and brings rest to my soul,” Thabiso shares. The radio DJ adds that Gods Window is one of his favourite destinations in the province. “God’s Window has one of the most spectacular views in Mzansi, the name is completely justified as you stand above or in the clouds looking over Mpumalanga,” Thabiso says.

2) Thabiso would be a pilot if it weren’t for his passion for broadcasting
While Thabiso has cemented himself as a stellar radio personality and DJ, the star admits that if he hadn’t embarked on a career in broadcasting, he would have liked to have been a pilot. “If I hadn’t taken this amazing journey as a radio DJ, I might have soared in the skies as a pilot, chasing sunsets and touching the clouds,” Thabiso shares. “But fate had other plans, and now, as I connect with listeners through the airwaves, I find a similar sense of adventure and freedom in sharing stories, music, and moments.”

3) The best piece of advice he’s ever received was from his father
When asked what the best piece of advice he has ever received, Thabiso said a conversation with his father is one that stands out profoundly. “My father told me to always respect people even when they don’t deserve it,” Thabiso says. “It’s brought me so far in life, not without its pain. It’s hard to be kind when you are treated with cruelty – it takes a lot to rise above it, but takes you further too.”

4) His most-played song is a local classic
Thabiso is a champion of local music and has given many established and up-and-coming artists a chance to showcase their music on his popular radio show. So, it’s not surprising that his most-played some is a local hit! “My most-played song is Mgarimbe’s ‘Sister Bettina’,” Thabiso shares. “It’s such a catchy song and still plays such an important role in the South African music scene today!”

5) He’s a major whisky fanatic
Thabiso also boasts a penchant for the world of whiskey. A true aficionado, he finds himself drawn to the intricacies and complexities that each sip brings. Among his collection, one brand holds a special place in his heart – Slaughter House. “Whiskey, to me, is more than a drink; it’s a journey into the world of flavours, aromas, and stories,” Thabiso adds.

6) Thabiso is a massive petrolhead
Thabiso has a major passion for cars and, as a broadcaster, has taken this passion further by sharing some informative reviews on his social media platforms. With a heart that beats for horsepower and an eye that catches the sleek lines of design, Thabiso has woven his fascination for cars into an engaging online journey. “I have so much to say about cars in general – and I wanted to share these thoughts with my followers,” Thabiso says on why he started reviewing cars online. “Buckle up, because every review is a journey, and I’m thrilled to have you ride shotgun with me.”

7) Radio has always been a part of Thabiso’s DNA 

When asked about his favourite childhood memory, Thabiso says that radio was one thing that always captured his attention. “I remember sitting in front of my parents radio, recording my own radio show and playing it back to myself while I intro or back announce a song that Jacaranda FM would play at that time. It was one of the few stations that one could listen to in Mafikeng where I grew up and it’s a full-circle moment being able to do this as a career today.”

8) If Thabiso could own any celebrity’s closet, it would be Somizi’s
Somizi is certainly a style icon – and his passion for fashion has left a mark on Thabiso! “Somizi isn’t afraid to play around with fashion and has worn some iconic looks throughout his career. His looks are always pushing boundaries and I love how unapologetic he is with fashion. I am sure he has even more up his sleeve which is why I would love to own his closet,” Thabiso explains.  

9) Thabiso believes bullying is a trend that should disappear forever
Thabiso aims to live his life as kindly as possible and believes that bullying and cyber-bullying is a trend that needs to disappear. “The impact of bullying is tremendous and we need to change the way we approach interactions with each other. Being mean comes to easily to so many and with cyber-bullying especially, it is easier to hurt people we don’t even know. I think if we could all understand the impact it would have to build each other up rather than tearing each other down, the world would be a much better place.”

10) His last meal would be a South African staple
If Thabiso was ever in a position where he would have to choose his last meal, the radio DJ admits that he would have to go with a good, old South African braai! “I am obsessed with a braai,” Thabiso shares. “A worsie, a chuck, a chop, a brisket, a fillet – anything as long as it’s on the braai!”

Catch Thabiso Khambule on ‘Weekends With Thabiso Khambule’ every Saturday between 14:00 and 18:00 and on the ‘SA Music Show’ every Sunday between 18:00 and 22:00 on Jacaranda FM.

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