iMullar Sound System, is the leading authority in the Pan African dance music culture and landscape, is proud to announce its world renowned event to South Africa for the first time, as iMullar Sound System brings ENERGY 009to the illustrious, dynamic city of Johannesburg.

iMullar Sound System amplifies the hottest untapped and undiscovered African and diasporic DJs through curated experiences, ENERGY live events and DJ mixes—forging connections between DJs and new audiences.

With an electrifying lineup fusion of amapiano, house, afrobeats, afrotech, and more, Saturday 14 October at Hallmark House will be the ultimate destination for local music and  groove enthusiasts in the heart of the city of golden sunsets.

This star-studded lineup represents the epitome of South African musical brilliance, blending genres, rhythms, and cultural influences into an unforgettable tapestry of sound. From the soul-stirring Amapiano beats of Kelvin Momo and De Mthuda to the electrifying energy of Kmat and Mamthug, this event promises an immersive journey into the heart and soul of South African music.

As a definitive voice of African music, iMullar Sound System is dedicated to curating exceptional talent that embodies the diverse and vibrant spirit of Mzansi and the wider continent. Founded by Maxwell Adjavon, this boundary-pushing Ghana-based creative and entertainment entity is revolutionizing the way the world experiences African music.

“We received the call from our South African fam, and without hesitation, we knew it was time to unleash our euphoric musical experience in Johannesburg,” says Maxwell Adjavon, “This event is our homage to the undeniable influence of South African music on the global stage, and we are excited to connect with the South African music audience in a meaningful and electrifying way.”

The 14th of October sets out to be a kaleidoscope of music, culture, community, and boasts a Pan African lineup medley of South Africa’s premium acts and popular favourites from Ghana, Nigeria and other parts of the continent and globe.

However, the iMullar experience is not just about the music—it’s about creating an atmosphere of pure energy and connection. As official curators on Apple Music and ambassadors for Audiomack Ghana, iMullar Sound System excels at crafting exceptional playlists and curating remarkable events that perfectly match the energetic vibe of the moment. They are at the forefront of curating impressive sounds and playing a pivotal role in shaping the future of African music.

“We look forward to experiencing the essence of the city of gold, a city that has contributed so much to some of the continent’s most international and original sounds and artists, and infuse it with an irresistible energy and experience that will radiate throughout the city,” says Maxwell.

As a cultural authority on emerging talent in the industry, iMullar Sound System is dedicated to showcasing exceptional talent from across the diaspora and globe, with a laser focus on the most vibrant and original Djs, bridging the gap between Africa and the world.

“Our mission is to amplify the hottest untapped and undiscovered African and diasporic DJs,” says the Accra-born founder, “We believe in placing the artist at the center, creating spaces for music without distraction. This series is for Africans, by Africans, and we aim to forge connections between DJs and new audiences.”

Through curated experiences, ENERGY live events, and DJ mixes, iMullar Sound System strives to provide an immersive and transformative musical journey for its listeners. “We are thrilled to showcase the immense talent of our DJs and share the unique sounds of Africa with music lovers around the world,” the founder adds, “This event will be a true testament to the power of music in bringing people together.”

Join us at our inaugural event this October and prepare to be captivated by the mesmerizing beats of our incredible DJ lineup as the beats pour over the most incredible city landscape views.

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