M-Net releases first-look images from its latest international co-production, Devil’s Peak

Want a sneak peak of M-Net’s much awaited new local series? We’ve got the goods! The channel has released photos of Devil’s Peak – the upcoming five-episode crime thriller based on the best-selling 2004 novel by world-renowned South African writer Deon Meyer.

The images show some of the lead characters in action, including local talent Hilton Pelser, who plays Detective Benny Griessel. Griessel is tasked with tracking down a vigilante killer whose crimes are capturing the imagination of the city. As he gets closer to his mark, he finds himself drawn into a dark and dangerous world where nothing is what it seems.

“I’m absolutely delighted and so very proud to finally see Benny Griessel and his world come alive on screen, thanks to a brilliant team of local and international talent,” says Meyer. “Devil’s Peak was the first novel in which Benny became a protagonist, and now, it’s his debut on the box. Exciting stuff!”

Devil’s Peak boasts a South African cast with both celebrated names and bright up-and-coming stars, some of whom have featured in M-Net’s most lauded productions. This includes Pelser, Sisanda Henna, Tarryn Wyngaard, Shamilla Miller and Masasa Mbangeni.

Meyer has established himself as a major international author. His books have been translated into over 20 languages and won several literary prizes, locally and abroad.

Devil’s Peak is produced by Lookout Point and Expanded Media Productions in association with MultiChoice Studios and BBC Studios Distribution. BBC Studios, who own Lookout Point, will also distribute the series internationally.

“M-Net is proud to bring our viewers a first-class global production with deep local roots. This is a story that could only have played out in South Africa, where the dark underworld of crime pierces – on an almost daily basis – the bubble in which those who can, seek security and comfort,” says M-Net Director for Premium Channels, Waldimar Pelser. “Devil’s Peak shows the extraordinarily beautiful city of Cape Town with and without its mask. It’s the tale of iconic detective Griessel’s struggle against external and internal demons to find justice for others and redemption for himself.

“It’s also the story of a father willing to do anything to avenge the death of his young son. Not all deaths, the story suggests, are mourned equally. We hope Devil’s Peak will be a story from which it is impossible to look away.”

Devil’s Peak comes on the back of a slew of premium local M-Net hits, including Legacy, The Wife, Reyka, and Trackers – which is also based on a bestselling Meyer book.It’s a true South African drama with storylines viewers will be able to relate to.

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