It’s time to spice things up, Mondli Makhoba joins the cast ensemble of Nikiwe to play Nikiwe’s uncle Bheki Radebe, Themba Radebe’s (Muzi Mthabela) younger brother from Thursday the 3rd of August at 6.30PM on

Bheki and Themba have different mothers. His mother was killed just when Bheki started working as a truck driver. First wife to Funani Radebe whilst MaSibisi was the second wife in Joburg. Bheki and his siblings grew up hating MaSibisi and her children as they saw her as the woman who took their father away.

He is back now to make things right with the Radebe family, to reconnect and find a woman that he can love, and it turns that woman is not so far away. Let’ s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…

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