They have been cleaning up drug infested communities since the show Sizok’thola started on Moja LOVE. They have made over 20 drug busts and arrests. However recent reports have indicated that during a bust, a drug dealer died. Reasons for his death are yet unknown and a case has been opened with the SAPS.

In a statement by the channel, Moja LOVE says, “Based on information currently at our disposal, we are advised that following a community tip-off the crew on 19 July 2023 attended to a drug bust in Katlehong and did so in conjunction with community law enforcement groups, as is customary, that are recognised by the local SAPS,” the statement reads. “It is our understanding that the information received by the crew and the local community groups was credible and verifiable. We understand that during the bust, which was conducted within the confines of the law, the suspected drug dealer, now the deceased, who is now known as Robert “Kicks” Varrie resisted to cooperate with the lawful instructions of the recognised members of the community policing forum, who were dressed in their uniforms and had their credentials.”

The channel says, following persistence by the members of the community policing forum, the deceased agreed to hand over the illegal drugs that he had been hiding at the premises. “Moja LOVE can confirm that the crew was within the vicinity of the premises when the deceased was being questioned, the channel is still investigating the circumstances that led to the deceased having to be allegedly rushed to hospital. We will wait for the official autopsy results for cause of death,” the statement says. “The show continues to work with law enforcement agencies and in each of the shows, case numbers are sharedincluding that the suspects are or were handed over to the authorities for further investigations and legal processes. The channel will cooperate with any investigations that may be initiated and it sends its condolences to the deceased’s family. The channel is also offering the crew and any other
interested individuals counselling assistance following news of the deceased.”

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