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She is scared for her life after receiving death threats from numbers and her ex-fiancé’s friends and associates, Michelle “Mphowabadimo” Mvundla has released a statement saying that after her breakup with Themba “Broly” Mabaso, she is scared for her life.”

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On the statement sent to the media, the mom of one boy and a baby on the way by Themba says that she needs t make it clear that she and Themba are no longer an item and she is no longer interested in making the relationship work. “I have been receiving death threats; from calls to texts threatening my life and my son’s life till today. Those threats have been direct, and it has created a very hostile situation for me and those close to me. I’ve been receiving pictures of my car, home, and son with threats,” Mpho says. “Some of these messages and calls are coming from people close to the person I was in a relationship with,” Mpho says.

Mpho kicked Themba out after he disappeared for three days from their apartment

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She has also invested in legal advise form her attorney. “I have been in talks with my lawyer and seeking further advice and will not be doing any media interviews about my past relationship. I m trying so hard to move away from this chapter but the defamation that has come with it hasn’t been pleasant to the extent of threats leading to my unborn baby, son, and myself.”

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Mpho concludes that she has had it with Themba and all she wants is peace. “The constant posting of my images on his page and talk about me on interviews are in contradictory to reality and truth. I ask that we move with respect and consideration and allow me to detach myself with grace anything else will be addressed to and by my lawyer to anyone involved to date respectively. My safety comes first,” she concludes.

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