South Africans are in for a treat and will have their senses delighted by a truly panAfrican event that transcends race, nationality and borders. Mama Afrika is the brainchild of SAFTA award-winning producer and Co-Founder of The Seed Thru Arts (NPC), Jamela Johnross Vuma, more affectionately referred to as JRoss and his wife, dancer and choreographer, Megan Erasmus Vuma.

The pair created Mama Afrika as a space where Africans of all creeds and nationalities could unite, break bread and share differences through the arts.

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The festival is an all-encompassing sensory experience aimed at celebrating what it truly means to be African through the arts while facilitating cross-border dialogue about the triumphs and tribulations of Africa. Using his vast experience as a music producer, JRoss, and his brilliant team, have created a titillating short story encompassing the essence of the cultural event. In the film Afrocentric art, fashion, dance, movement and poetry are intricately woven together to breathe life into the story of Mama Afrika.

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Starring Queen Ouma Katrina, the only remaining fluent speaker of Nluu, an indigenous Khoi San language, the film tells the story of Africa and her 54 children back together.
The short film will be screened at the launch of Mama Afrika on Sunday, 23 April, at Freedom Park in Pretoria. Speaking on the importance of the event JRoss said: “This event is about exchanging cultures and bringing everyone together to realise that we are all born from one womb, Africa. We are brothers and sisters. As organisers, we hope Mama Afrika could
help us as Africans, using artists and the arts to advocate and be ambassadors of change and bring people together.”

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There is something for everyone, be it music, fashion, theatre or food. Mama Afrika caters to all the attendee’s wants and desires. Festivalgoers will also be entertained by fan favourite Somizi Mhlongo and TV star Rami Chuene. Mark Sunday, 23 April, on your calendars, Mama Afrika is a cultural sensation not to be missed.

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