He called her an absent parent, a deadbeat helicopter mom that let her ex raise her kids. He implied she was not present in her kids life. Nota Baloyi confidently stated that actress, model and mom Pearl Thusi was not teaching her kids any real-life values, all during an interview on YouYube with Rea and Black Steph. “The kid had to be raised by the father the whole time. She’s there for taking pictures with the kids,” he said.

Pearl has since responded to the criticism on social media and expressed how hurt she is by Nota’s utterances.

“One, I have two children (that I love, live with and I pay for everything). Two, I’m a black woman. Why are white women never targeted because they are feared for some reason. Backing down is never an option when it comes to my kids and the lessons o teach them,” she wrote.

“My kids will never even have a chance to believe there is a world where their mother won’t even try to defend herself. What lesson am I teaching them in my own household?! That men can say whatever they want and get away with it?!? Never.”

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Pearl says she is okay with criticism but not when it comes to her children.

“Talk about how you hate my tweets, my house, my looks my clothes and even my work. I don’t care, enjoy your opinion. As soon as you involve my kids, you’re starting a war,” she says.

“My life, my career choices and even coming back to South Africa – was centered around my children. I realigned my vision and goals to make sure I could be here for them and provide for them and the idea that someone can wake up and decide to say whatever suites their narrative. Because no one holds them accountable is ridiculous. Whatever happens – I’ll rest knowing I tried to defend myself and my kids therefore teaching them that no man or woman has the right to attack them unprovoked and wrongfully. I take a lot of sh*t here- this isn’t going to be one of those times. Not with my kids!” she said.

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Pearl added that allegations of this sort could cost her work.

“Imagine people refusing to work with me because I kept quiet and didn’t refute these allegations. We work with many family brands who will not understand that this guy is a lunatic (allegedly). This rubbish has an impact on how we provide for our families (believe it or not),” she says.

“Apart from the reality of this situation- there’s also how I’ve struggled to provide yet balance being there for my kids for big and little things. With microscopes on me at different angles. This allegation is not only untrue but also hurtful/triggering.”

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