He is one of the hottest newcomers in the music industry. With only a year in the game, he is making people talk. Artist Yung Nasa real name Jamie Ollerhead, 26 solidified his name in the music industry with the new single Know My Name featuring J Molley. The upbeat and catchy tune set solidified that he is here to stay. 

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On 22 April he released the full album Not Cool Never Was which is currently making its way up the charts, following his 2021 debut release Box of Chocolates.   

“Not Cool Never Was is about how my whole life I’ve felt like the outcast, somebody who is just a little bit more different than anyone who seemed to be around me,” Yung Nasa says.

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“I used to hate that growing up but the older I got the more people I connected with that have had similar experiences to me. This has become our superpower! Not being cool and sticking to our own ways is the new cool. This project is my coming-of-age story. This project is about my relationship with music, friends, and family but most importantly about my relationship with myself. We write our own stories and portray them the way we want,” he adds.

His story is that of triumph and perseverance. Durbanite, Yung Nasa, real name Yung Nasa found healing through music after experiencing trauma. As a teenager, he was badly injured during a motocross race accident which led to various health complications that led to him leaving racing for a while. Jamie finished high school in Utah, in the US. In his first year of college, he fell ill from past brain trauma caused by his motocross accident, and re he returned to South Africa. His return home introduced him to his now close friend and music-making partner J Molley and KashCPT, whom he cites as an inspiration.

In 2021 released his debut EP project brimming with potential, titled Box Of Chocolates.

 The eight-track EP is an excellent exhibition of Yung Nasa’s musical capabilities as he commands various genres effortlessly while keeping one foot firmly in the urban realm, with an overarching theme being a relatable exploration of the odds one is dealt in life and addresses ideas of fleeting youth and reveling in every moment before it passes by.