Today is Mother’s Day, a holiday honouring motherhood. Singer and songwriter Nia Pearl dedicated her song Makubenjalo to all phenomenal mothers. She initially wrote the song for her mother Rosah Lisebo Lwana who has been a huge influence on the woman she has become.

“Makubenjalo is basically a prayer. I’m asking God to bring me more successes so I can make my mother proud. I have aspirations to bless her the way she has blessed me throughout my life.”

Coming from a home of eight powerful women her mom and seven sisters Koleka, Bukeka Lwana, Tobeka Lwana, Bongeka Lwana, Sellinah Skolpati, Babalwa Lwana, and Zandile Skolpati have always been the backbone of the unit. 
 “It is why I’m such a girl’s girl. I’m surrounded by phenomenal women. Being a musician comes with a whole lot of struggles. My mother and my sisters have always held my hand throughout these years, they are proud of where I am now, but I want to keep doing more and keep getting bigger so I can make them smile and see them proud of me.”

Q&A with Nia Pearl
 What was happening in your life when you wrote the song Makubenjalo?
 I was at Piano hub with Kabza and the guys when I wrote the song. I went to the studio knowing that I needed to write something powerful and heartfelt. I had spoken to my mom on my way to the studio, she was checking up on me as usual. So, when I heard the beat, I felt compelled to write that about her.
How is your mom like (personality and character)?
 My mom is the sweetest person I’ve ever met, truly so kind and warm. She’s also very strong. She gets anything she’s put her mind to done! 
 My father passed away when I was 14 years old. I watched her step up and do everything it took to raise us. She loves everybody and is loved by everybody. A true Matriarch.
What inspires you about your mom?
 I find it so incredible that she is so soft and warm with everyone but still commands respect. She knows who she is and is very steadfast on that. she also just lets you be whoever you want to be and loves you for exactly that.
How were you while growing up with your siblings?
 I’ve always been the quiet one in the family, and I still am. My siblings have been taking care of me for as long as I can remember. They are my keepers.
What are your plans for this Mother’s Day?
 My mother stays in the Eastern Cape, so I, unfortunately, won’t be with her. But my sisters are also my mothers and best friends so I will spend my day with them somewhere cute, looking cute like we always do.

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