Businesswoman and Esylife distributor Thobekile Mdlalose, KB Dlamini and Nokuthula Ngcobo step up on the ground to assist communities who have been affected by the floods In KwaZulu Natal.
Moved by the tragedy and eager to lend a helping hand through on-site assessments, identifying areas of severe damage, and donating winter essentials, blankets, clothes, and perishables with the essence is to bring hope and restore dignity to the most vulnerable.

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Over 248 schools have been damaged in KwaZulu-Natal following heavy rains and floods. The death toll caused by the floods and severe weather in KwaZulu-Natal continues to rise, with the latest figure standing at 395, with an increasing total number of 40 723 people have been affected. 

“We know what it feels like to sleep on an empty stomach, not knowing what will happen tomorrow. The feeling of uncertainty. No one should ever have to go through such. The spirit of Ubuntu is crucial. When one is down, let another lift you up. That’s our belief,” Thobekile says.
“For us giving comes naturally. It’s not the first time. When there was looting, we were willing to lend a hand, during this saga we are ready to lend a hand. Whilst we still have the capability, the community can rely on us. People need to learn to unite, to provide solutions to problems. They need to understand that the wheel can turn anytime so do good when you can,” Thobekile says.

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Through her collaboration with Esylife, Thobekile will be donating food parcels, blankets, sleeping sponges, school jerseys, and school shoes. She offers to donate to 15 homes, valued at R1500 per household.

To the unemployed and those who have lost employment due to the floods, Thobekile and Esylife will offer an opportunity to start a side business that can generate income for life whilst trying to get back. 

“Health is also important. Many may suffer from infections caused by the floods while helping with essentials. It is important we also put health and wellbeing first. We will include supplements and vitamins in the care packs,” she adds.