The family of DJ City Lyts real name Sandile Mkhize have confirmed his passing to Buzz Life News. DJ Citi Lyts died on the evening of Valentine’s Day during after being shot in Soweto. The family of the Washa producer are still to confirm the details of the shooting.

It is almost four years since his brother Pro, whose real name was Linda Mkhize died of a bleeding pancreas, his family later revealed.
In an interview with in 2019, DJ Citi Lyts (33) spoke about how Pro’s death still affected him.
He was at home when he got a call from one of ProKid’s friends asking him to come to Pro’s friends apartment urgently.
“I thought of many things, but I didn’t think he was dead,” he said.
When he arrived Citi Lyts found his brother on a bed in the three-bedroom apartment, covered with a duvet.
“There was vomit all around the bed,” he recalls.
“I was too late – he was already gone.”

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When they came back home they found Pro had become even worse. He was unable to speak and had been vomiting green stuff. They called the paramedics but it was too late to save him,” he says, his voice trembling.
“I couldn’t believe my brother had died like that. I just broke down.
Citi Lyts told Drum that Pro never wanted him to ride on his fame.
“That’s why it took longer for us to make a song together,” Citi Lyts explained.
DJ Citi Lyts had plans to build on the legacy Pro left.
 “I’m still going through a lot. I shared so many special moments with my brother and we had so many plans. I’m trying to accept it, but the pain won’t go away.”

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He was still hurt about the controversy following his brothers passing.
“People said he overdosed on drugs and that he’d been drunk. They said I inherited his money and was spending it recklessly and that he died in the arms of his side chick, Mandisa Mbanjwa, but I don’t know any of that. My brother wasn’t a very open guy – he protected me a lot and there were many things he didn’t share with me. All I knew is he and Mandisa were friends. When she opened up about their relationship, I was shocked.”

Colleagues, friends and fans say farewell to the Hip Hop music contributor:

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