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Actress and podcast host Tebogo Thobejane is making waves on the internet with her podcast show City Girls with Tebogo Thobejane which has reached over 300k views. 
Known for her unfiltered opinions on and off the air, Tebogo hosts City Girls, a podcast on the equally controversial MacG podcast. 
Providing uncensored access to celebrities and other topical people, City Girls doesn’t shy away from getting controversial, going deeper than the traditional interview.
Absolutely nothing is off-limits for the actress, model, and media personality.   

On City Girls,  Tebogo candidly discusses various topics relating to topical issues affecting her guests. She gives listeners a raw, vulnerable look into the guests’ lives, exploring the juiciest and most controversial issues, including gossip and themes like intimacy, love, relationships, and sexual empowerment, among other topics. Among the notable guests who’ve been on the show are notoriously by City Girls podcast, Inno Morolong the slay Queen on the premiere episode that broke her internet. 

“There is so much fakeness in the broadcasting space. People are looking for real people with real stories. My podcast offers that and more,” she says.

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This week she speaks to late businessman Ginimbi Genius Kadungure’s wife Zodwa Mkhandla, 50, who met at the airport and started pursuing her.
They were friends for four years before they started dating.
“He didn’t have money then, but he was a hustler, an ordinary guy
Ginimbi proposed to Zodwa in Italy where he took her and proposed during dinner,
“I already had my two beautiful daughters when I met Genius. When I met him, I had divorced their father.”

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When asked whether she made money for Ginimbi, Zodwa denied.
“I didn’t make him the money. We made the money together. He wasn’t a toy-boy. All the slay queens knew him as a player. I never knew that side of him. He was never a blesser, he used the girls because they were so lose and cheap.
“To me, he was a good person. He loved me and cared about me. What you don’t know doesn’t hurt. I never concentrated on what people said about him. I wanted to catch him, but I never did.”
The couple broke up due to long distance and gossip.
“I had been with him long enough. I think I wanted a change. We separated a year or so before he passed,” she says.
Zodwa advised young women to be independent.
“Men will get tired, and look for a girl who can do for themselves. I would never expect somebody’s son to buy me a gift I cant afford for myself.”

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