Cast and crew members of SABC3 drama, The Estate have not yet been paid their December salaries.
Clive Morris productions management; Clive Morris, Dominique Gumede and Lala Tuku failed to pay cast and crew on 31 December salaries and promise to remunerate them on 4 January 2021, but failed.

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This is not the first time the production company is failing staff. According to a crew member, they have in the past waited six months for payment on Isono.
“They really don’t care,” he says.
“Do you understand that people have December family obligations to meet. They could have warned us prior and not on the last minute,” he adds.
Another employee says, there were some staff members who got remunerated,” I’m not sure who, but I heard some people were paid. Its really not fair, because some people could not go home and enjoy the festive season with their families because of this. The company is really showing up that our contribution is not valuable,” he ads.
“We have come from a pandemic, we are trying to recover. People see our names on TV every week, but we are broke because we have not been paid. Now schools re opening, and we are supposed to pay fees.”

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Instead of receiving bank notifications with salaries, cast a d crew received letters apologising that payment will not be made, again on the 4th.
The letter reads as follows,” It is with the heaviest of hearts that we have to inform you that we will unfortunately not be able to make payments as per contract tomorrow, 4 January.  This is due to a delayed payment from the SABC due to the change in contract.”
“This is the very last thing we wanted and up to this point have been working on alternative funding solutions to not default on our obligations to you. We cannot apologise enough for what this does to your personal situations and your families. We have weathered some big storms on this production and you have worked so very hard to produce the quality we have on screens and you deserve to be paid on time for the incredible work you have done on this show. “

The company hopes that all staff will be paid by 10 January 2022.
“We anticipate that we will have settled all due payments to crew by the 10th of January and will conduct part payments as money comes in to at least get some funds to each individual. Some of these payments have taken effect and we will continue to make part payments over the course of this week. As a result, we have taken the decision to shift the start of production to the 10th January. Can we request therefore that gear check and prep be done on the 8th so that the 10th is the first shoot day.”

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Clive Morris productions says, they are working as hard as they can to try and settle the matter ahead of the 10th but can only give a firm confirmation for the 10th. 
“Should any individual need official confirmation for creditors, land lords or the banks, we are happy to provide this confirmation on an individual basis as requested. Once again, we are truly sorry for this inconvenience. We are working to ensure that we never again find ourselves in this position. 
Yours Sincerely, Estate Executive Management Team”