Egyptian-born Liverppol player Mohammed ‘Mo’ Salah’ Hamed Mahrous Ghaly, 29, has received harsh backlash from the Muslim community after he wished his followers a “Merry Christmas”.
In a post on social media post, Mo, who practices Islam and his wife Magi Sadeq and kids; Kayan and Makka wear matching Christmas pyjamas and sit in front of a Christmas tree.

In 2019 and 2020, Mo also wished his followers a Merry Christmas and received the same backlash. Earlier this month, Mo spoke to Egyptian talk show host Amr Adib in an interview that where he was also asked about alcohol and whether he had ever had the urge to drink where he claimed to have “never felt the urge.”
He was later criticised for not mentioning that the religion of Islam forbids alcohol.