They have recently made controversial headlines for making medical claims about their products. Reports started the alternative medicine company claimed to cure chronic illnesses. But Esy Life representative Thobekile Mdlalose sets the record straight about their products and how they can help to boost the immune system this winter.
“The products do not heal or cure Chronic illnesses. We have never made such drastic claims,” Thobekile says.
“It is not a replacement for any medication. We condone that people drink the medication concurrently with their chronic medication. What we do is encourage people to use Xiangzhiling to effectively improve their immunity. It assists with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, healthy bowel movement and promotes the blood circulation and oxygen absorption.”
Registered with the SABS, Thobekile says their products are not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. “People need to always consult a qualified health care professional to diagnose your health condition and prevent self-diagnosis and we do not in any way dispense medical advice or diagnose illness,” Thobekile adds.


Xiangzhiling can effectively improve the immunity, demonstrating rapid regulating effects on high blood pressure, high blood lipids, high cholesterol, insomnia, constipation, endocrine disorder and sub-health. It modulates and normalizes blood pressure in both directions, promotes the blood circulation and oxygen absorption, thus enhance the physical fitness, reduces or eliminates the side effects of western medicine. 

Ganoderma coffee
Ganoderma coffee can boost immunity, help with weight loss, fight fatigue, improve memory, increase energy stamina, lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, relieve stress, reverse the aging process, and stimulate circulation. As a high source of antioxidants, it Balances PH Level-Rehydrates; Oxygenates the Body & Increases Brain Power, Focus & Concentration; No Jitters, No Anxiety or Caffeine Crash; Has Neutral PH Between 7.3-7.5.

Alkaline Water
The Benefits of Alkaline Water are as follows: Flushes out Toxins; Maintains Hygration; Improves Heart Health; Weight Loss; Energy; Maintain PH Balance and Bone Health. Alkaline water has many potent antioxidants that help prevent the growth of cell damaging free radicals in the body. The Benefits also include boosting immunity. Your immune system may help neutralise the acidity in your body, caused by poor diet, stress & toxins.

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Joining Fees
R200 Enrollment (Startup)Buy a box of Xiangzhiling for R1100 and get 4.8 points in your Esylife account. 1 point = R60 therefore your cash back = R288. Beacause of the cash back, the box will cost you only R812 but you cannot send R812 and ask for a box.
There are 16 bottles in a box and you can sell each bottle for R150 meaning you make R2400. Therefore your profit is R1588 per box.
Recruit someone and get 1 point = R60. If your recruit buys a box of Xiangzhiling for R1100 you will get R96.Once you have registered, you will receive a BM Number which you can use to login your back office and see your points and recruits.