Celebrating almost two decades in the fashion world, award winning African couture fashion brand Rubicon last week showcased their latest 2021 collection ‘Myth Re-imagined’ in Sandton, Johannesburg.

This year’s collection is inspired by the fashion trends from the great historical Mapungubwe Kingdom in Limpopo. The design aesthetic is derived from the kingdom’s social structure, the influence of trade with the far east and the area’s dynamic ecosystem.

Further inspiration was gathered from the kingdom’s surreal landscape – from it’s horizon to it’s gorgeous flora and fauna found in the region. The kingdom has inspired legends from all over the world over the centuries. During it’s heyday, emissaries travelled from near and far to trade for the kingdom’s precious jewels – especially gold and ivory.

With much research on the fashion trends that were popular in the kingdom over 1000 years ago, Rubicon’s founder and creative Director, Hangwani Nengovhela allowed herself to dream and re-imagine it’s fashion history.

Fast forward a century to the Majestic #RubiconQueen woman Rubicon designs for.
She is a globetrotter. A go-getter who brings the spirit, the energy, and the power of the Mapungubwe Royal Kingdom to life wherever she travels. Adorned in her regal Rubicon garment in various settings from work through to all her social events.
The #RubiconQueen is uncompromising in how she presents herself and is known by those in her life as someone who is majestic and operates with integrity.

“It is well known that the Mapungubwe Kingdom was a bustling nation whose people lived in abundance. To show their strength and power, the Mapungubwe’s ruler moved the upper classes to the top of a hill while the working classes remained on level ground. We have included that concept into our latest work. Translating the different levels of authority into fashion, our garments showcase various layering of fabrics while depicting movement throughout the collection,” stated Rubicon’s Hangwani Nengovhela.

With almost 20 years on the global fashion scene, Rubicon has come to be known for one major thing –  their fine attention to detail. This is what separates Rubicon from most African fashion brands.

Rubicon focusses on details including:- top-stitching (inspired by garments worn by emissaries from the far east) and the blue, yellow, and white colour scheme (brought in from the Mapungubwe area’s surreal landscape, especially its horizon and gorgeous the flora and fauna found in that region).