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Local hair brand Kwanele SA is responsible for making women with natural hair feel beautiful. Their Kwanele Wide Comb Afro Hair Straightening Brush has been a solution for painful, coarse and dry hair. It easily glides through a kinky afro like butter to a knife. Natural hair experts Gontse Kgokolo and Tumelo Ramurundu share the top five secret to maintaining and growing natural hair:

1) Treat your hair like your face, use gentle hands to manage your hair
Aside from dryness, manipulation of your afro or natural hair is a major cause of breakage. Making a gentle approach the best way to keep your hair healthy.

2) Start combing your hair from the ends to roots for minimizing breakage 
The act of brushing hair seems pretty straightforward, but it is not. If you brush your hair from root to tip, you’re already off to a bad start! Starting at the root and pull hair down to the ends will strands out of the follicle, resulting in breakage. 

3) Invest in a good hair stylist, find the right one and stick with them
There are thousand of hairstylists, but not all ae passionate about healthy hair. Some are trained and qualified, others self taught. Find a good stylist who loves what they do and understands your hair quality and texture.

3) Don’t neglect your scalp because it is the foundation for healthy hair
If you want healthy growing hair, never neglect your scalp. Giving your scalp attention with specially formulated treatments can provide a number of impressive benefits; like detoxifying impurities, removing buildup and dandruff, reducing itchiness, and even helping your hair grow in stronger. 

5) Your hair loves water like your body, it gives hair the nourishment it needs to look healthy 
Many of us have been taught that water is the enemy, it’s not. you can cleanse your hair as often as you see fit. How often you wash your natural hair depends on your lifestyle. Hard water leaves mineral deposits on the hair which leads to dryness and breakage. Pure water has a neutral PH value of 7.