Picture: Pearl Thusi/Instagram

Love or hate her, Queen Sono actress Peral Thusi, 32, is always topic of discussion on social media.
Currently out of the country shooting a movie in Thailand but her name is still on the lips of many South Africans.
She has been trending on Twitter for having vicious comebacks every time someone had a negative comment to say or she involved in a heated discussion about gender equality or colourism.
Many love her and many don’t.
When she shared a petition to bring back season two of Queen Sono on Netflix, the response was not too positive.

Actress, TV presenter and model has been labelled by many as arrogant, rude and the product of ‘light-skinned privilege’ which she has defended many times.
In her interview on Podcast and Chill with MacG, Pearl shares how she grew up with a low self esteem from being ridiculed by other kids for being lighter.
“I thought I worked so hard to pass the conversation about my skin. You cant say all I have is my skin. I’ve worked hard and for anyone to think they can take that away from me is not okay. ” she added.

Whether right or wrong; here are five reasons why we stan Pearl Thusi:

1: She is nailing motherhood. Mother to two daughters Thando and Okuhle , Pearl had her first child while in university and balanced her career in modelling and acting.

2: She has worked her way up the ranks from translating children’s TV shows from English and Afrikaans to IsiZulu, to modelling and eventually TV presenting and international acting.

3: She is not afraid to stand up for herself. “Sometimes it seems like I love conflict, but people don’t know the back story,” she said in her interview with MacG. Pearl is a no-nonsense person and has been known to stand up for social media bullies.

4: She appears to be a good friend. Her friendship with DJ Zinhle is goals and she is not afraid to show her affection.

5: Pearl continues to shine despite the negative criticism.
“Criticism in unfortunate but its something my childhood prepared me for. I was bullied as a child. I tried to fit in so much as a kid, but as I grew older I began to love myself.