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If there is anything to bet on, on brand AKA, and the genius of the
man behind it, Kiernan Forbes, is that he never runs out of ideas to
expand himself within the world of entertainment and never rolls
over to adversity. His greatest strength being that he will be the first
to acknowledge his shortfalls.

Kiernan truly knows how to reinvent himself as he grows and learns
to expand beyond just being an entertainer, who is great at getting
the masses going. Hospitality is part of entertainment and what
better way to buy a stake into an establishment, that AKA most
frequents as he entertains patrons with his music performances.

“Besides finding myself laboring in the kitchen for my meals,
lockdown for me personally was a period for me to think-rethink,
plan and implement changes in my approach to how I maximize on
the time I have at the peak and top of my over 10 year career in
entertainment. That’s why I initiated the AKA APP and the Braai
Show. Through these initiatives I thought deeper and looked around
for more ways to cash in – and one of those is acquiring a big stake of
Cuba Lounge, to bring you Cuba Blk, in Durban.” says Kiernan.

The former Cuba Lounge, is a restaurant and nightclub, situated at
he iconic Moses Mabhida Stadium, in Durban. The establishment has
been in existence for 10 years and won numerous awards as the no. 1
premium entertainment sport in South Africa. With AKA now coming
onboard as part owner and shareholder, the moniker of the
establishment has changed to Cuba Blk.

Kiernan goes on to say; “The name-change is not the only change, but
we are bringing in a new ambience and vibe, that encompasses who I
am, the entertainer, businessman and all-round good times guy. By
day, we cater to the corporate side of our patrons and by night we
switch it up a notch to the fun in you. By way of entertainment, we
have very exciting and interesting plans for the festive and beyond.
Cuba Blk, currently attracts local and international patrons that
visit the city and we want to continue in that vein, by bringing in acts
from the rest of the continent and from across the globe. ”
Cuba Blk will open its doors this coming Saturday, 12 December
2020 at a special launch, set to dazzle Durban, and will feature AKA
as main guest, host and entertainer.

“It has been a long journey, putting this day together and I cannot
wait for those doors to open and for our patrons to enjoy all that we
have to offer. We are going to be the hotbed of entertainment. This is
not my only venture into the hospitality side of entertainment, there
is so much more to be announced in the coming months. I have
learnt to turn the experiences of being a booked artist into my brand,
by engaging the biggest stakeholders in the hospitality space. This is
not my only nor my last business acquisition.” Says Kiernan.

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