by Cece Smith


The lipstick has always been a big part of every woman’s essential makeup items. Amongst the other cosmetic essentials, lipstick stands out as the forerunner. It is that essential stick of colour in your bag that completes your routine makeup regime. Women recognize the difference each shade can do for every look. A dab of shade can either make or sabotage  your entire look. Choosing the correct shade with your outfit is an absolute must. 


Here are various shades from the South African brand Every Shade that one can experiment with.


Rooi Lip

Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lips was the cosmetic equivalent of the enchanting for many years. This colour is not for the faint-hearted makes a statement.  

For more subtle and natural colour, apply some balm first, then add Every Shade lipstick by patting on with your finger starting in the centre and dabbing outwards. This will create more of a stained lip look. 

For a brighter, bold look. Let your lip do the talking by applying light makeup and bright red lips.


Nude Lip

Nude lips look amazing paired with a brown Smokey eye. Cools should look for a grey brown. Neutral for a mid-toned medium brown and warm tones should where deep golds, rust, or cinnamon.

Natural lipsticks look best when the lipstick used is full of pigment – completely blocking out the natural lip underneath. And do not forget your corners ladies!! 

This colour looks amazing with a brown or bronze Smokey-eye, it allows you to be experimental with the rest of the face, The trick to wearing a neutral hue is to think subtle touches of colour in lieu of taking the term “nude” literally. Cools should look for a grey-brown. Neutral for a mid-toned medium brown and warm tones should where deep golds, rust, or cinnamon.


Purple Lip

This colour is super sexy and edgy. Many people find it a challenge to incorporate this colour in their looks, but with guidance, you can get it right. Pair this colour with neutral eye makeup and you’re good to go.


Pink Lip

This colour is amazing for a Spring inspired look. Pink is not just for little girls anymore. It evokes cotton candy, summer days, and everything pretty. Every woman should own at least one beautiful pink lipstick in her makeup from this Every Shade collection. There are many shades of pink, but this brand allows you to keep it the star of the show.

To experiment with these colours, entre the competition below.



Here’s a little something to brighten up your day.

Stand a chance to WIN four shades of Every Shade lipstick (Pink Lip, Rooi Lip, Nude Lip, and Purple Lip). 




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Good luck!


The winner will be announced on Friday 31 July 2020.

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